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Photographer records two years of his life with Blipfoto

Written by John Gravett on Monday, 03 February 2014. Posted in Blog

Photographer John Gravett celebrates the success of his 365 project, sharing 730 photos of his life

"If two years ago I had been asked "do you think you'll manage two years?" my answer would be a categorical "no", ask me now if I'll do another two years, my answer would be "two? – why would I ever stop?"

John Gravett, a photographer based in Braithwaite in the Lake District, is now celebrating entering the third year of his 365 photo project, which involves taking a photo a day for a year. He has already successfully recorded two years of his life using the photo blogging platform Blipfoto, and you can see his fantastic image here.


John Gravett - 12/01/2013

"My Blip journal is a place where I can put my landscape and travel photographs, which I am best known for. But is has also become a place I can try things for the first time – to experiment with new techniques – or simply capture my life. I now have date-attributed photos of the day my daughter passed her driving test, the day my son got notification that he'd been accepted into grammar school – and many more."

John, 56, has been a photographer for more than 30 years and is recognised as one of the most respected tutors in the country. His workshops are held in the Lake District, Tuscany, Iceland, India, France and the USA.


John Gravett - 13/09/2013

"Blipfoto is a great community of like-minded individuals, from all walks of life, using all types of equipment. To someone thinking about taking on a 365 project I would say do it! Don't hesitate, or you won't do it. Throw yourself into blipping with total enthusiasm."

"Not only has Blipfoto increased my enthusiasm still further for photography, but it has introduced me to a wonderful community of photographers. I look harder, see better and feel rejuvenated photographically. Only by looking at other photographers work can we ever learn to see in different ways, to be inspired and to truly enjoy sharing our craft and our knowledge."


John Gravett - 03/10/2012

As well as taking stunning photos, John also shares the stories behind them on his Blipfoto page, and shows you which settings he used so that you can learn from his techniques.

"I feel totally humbled that in two years of blipping, my photos have been viewed on blipfoto almost 500,000 times, and over 800 people subscribe to my journal. If I can inspire any of those to work harder at and get more pleasure from their photography, that is what makes me truly happy."

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John Gravett

John Gravett

John is one of the UK's leading landscape photographers, and is Photographic Director of Lakeland Photographic Holidays. As well as being renowned for his landscape images, John is an established photography writer and lecturer.

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