Workshop format

Workshop Format

Our guests generally arrive at around 4.00pm on Sunday and relax with refreshments while having a chat with John. Between then and dinner guests can either rest and unwind, or join John's optional camera surgery which goes through their various camera menus and ensures they are set for optimum results. During the surgery, John can also provide a sensor check and clean if required.

The first of Debs' legendary three course dinners is served at 7.00pm, after which guests retire to the lecture room for John's introduction talk about Lakeland Photographic Holidays and a showcase of typical images of the area. The introduction talk provides a great overview of the kind of images that can be achieved on our workshops.

After dinner on subsequent evenings, guests have the opportunity to show the rest of the group up to ten of the images they have taken that day, with John on hand to offer a helpful insight into what has worked well and what could have been changed to improve the image.

On six night/five day courses, John accompanies guests and coaches photography from the field on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday, walking up to four miles (although often shorter) from 10.00am until 5.00pm. Guests get to explore the area by themselves on Tuesdays and Thursdays, heading to locations that we recommend or places they select personally.

John's teaching style and our workshop formats to make them suitable for all levels, from complete beginners to experienced photographers. Having a range of abilities allows novice photographers the opportunity to observe and learn from those with more experience, while seasoned photographers can find inspiration from beginners, who are unencumbered and can cast new light on a subject.

John is well versed in all the technical aspects of photography, and has an intimate knowledge of almost every camera on the market, but he firmly believes that the most important tool a photographer has is their eyes. He goes to great lengths to develop each photographer's individual style and flair and to encourage them to use their eyes carefully in composing their images.