Learning amidst the lakes and fells

Landscape Photography Workshops

Our Landscape Photography Workshop is by far our most popular and runs from the end of January through to the beginning of December. What really sets it apart is John's intimate knowledge of the lakes and fells, something that can only be gained through years of living and working in the area. With his expert guidance guests are taken off the beaten track to the very best locations where they can capture some of the awe-inspiring views that have come to define the English Lake District.

We ask our guests to arrive after 3.30pm and before 4pm, the workshop starts at 4pm with refreshments and a Camera Surgery. Guests tend to leave after breakfast on the last day of the workshop, normally between 9.30 and 10am.

The workshop consists of 3 fully escorted excursions, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the guests taking the opportunity on Tuesday and Thursday to go out in groups and practise the techniques that they have learnt the previous day.

With practical coaching from the field and more doing than talking, John shows participants how to capture the perfect image, whatever the weather or the time of year, drawing on his 40 years of experience to provide extensive advice on how to avoid the many pitfalls of photography, whether you're an amateur or an expert.

Rather than being prescriptive and dictating where and how to take photographs, John urges all his guests to develop their own individual style of photography. He encourages them to experiment, exploring the subject to the full while teaching about composition, exposure and use of filters, in order to capture the best possible images.

Our Landscape Photography Workshop covers all aspects of landscape photography in the Lake District, running for five days/six nights from Sunday to Saturday, with a four night option available from Sunday to Thursday if preferred.

Post production - each evening, after dinner John reviews a selection of images from each person, providing constructive feedback and using a range of software tools to demonstrate the best of the images.

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2018 Pricing £775 for rest of season


Early booking discount of £25 - £30 will run until 31 December 2018.

Low season price will apply on all workshops from January 2019 through to Sat 30th March 2019. The low season price represents a saving of £75. 

BOTH DISCOUNTS are accumulative, so a low season, early booked landscape workshop will be only £765, compared to £840 high season regular price.

Workshop Low season price Low season price (early booking) Normal season price Normal season price (early booking)
Landscape  790 765 840 810

Booking secured with a £150 non-refundable deposit.


 Book two workshops for the 2019 season, and get £50 off the second workshop cost


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