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Photoshop Workshops

Photoshop, while undoubtedly the industry-leading photo editing software, is a highly complex multi-level tool that contains considerably more features than even the most demanding professional photographer will ever use. At its core, our Photoshop for Photographers Workshop sets out to give guests an understanding of not only the essential features of Photoshop, but also each tool's effect on the image.

The workshop duration is five nights/four days, comprising three full days' practical Photoshop and one day out in the field taking photographs of the Lake District landscapes. Each practical day is split into four sessions allowing for a mixture of informal instruction with plenty of time for guests to practice what they have learned under John's watchful eye and ask questions while receiving feedback

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During the workshop's practical sessions the guests will receive instruction on logical workflow and detailed tuition in the following areas...

Photoshop Setup

Photoshop comes in many different shapes and sizes from the cut-down Photoshop Elements, to the latest version Photoshop CS5.5. Each version works in a slightly different way and John is happy to explain the differences enabling guests to work with whichever version of Photoshop they own. Photoshop set-up includes palette locations, colour space, screen profiling and so on.

Use of Layers

Layers are the key element in Photoshop and an understanding of their use is core to the workshop.

Adjustment Layers

Adjustment layers including levels, curves, hue and saturation will be covered in detail.

Layer Masks

Layer masks enable localized editing of the active layer and all layer masking techniques will be covered, including alpha masks.

Selection Tools

All selection tools and their appropriate use will be covered in detail.

The workshop will also include practice sessions and a full-day photographic excursion with John.

2017 Pricing

The price is £825 for five nights including accommodation,  food and tuition,- only alcoholic drinks are excluded. 

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